Hi, I’m Haina. Welcome to my blog. I’d like to share some tips and solutions of tricky senario I met at work, or any self motivated projects.

To know me a little bit more, here are 10 facts about me.

  1. Born in 1990, China
  2. Residence in Singapore
  3. Love travelling, from Asia to Europe to North America, and plan to go Australia, and South America, and Antarctica, and …
  4. Weekends are best reading time!
  5. Speak Mandarine, English and a little little little bit of Japanese and German
  6. A web developer working on Sitecore, a .NET C# based CMS
  7. Love fancy effects on website, self-motivated UI developer
  8. Interested in UX design as well
  9. No, not a IT/CS student, but hold an Information Engineering degree
  10. Super Harry Potter fan (>^ω^<)